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A year in the life of New Zealand contemporary art, revealed through the voice and vision of 365 artists living in New Zealand.


Project Overview

A year in the life of New Zealand contemporary art, revealed through the voice and vision of 365 artists living in New Zealand. Each artist intimately captured and revealed in a 365 seconds documentary. Each documentary released, one a day, over 365 days. Each film is an immersive, augmented reality, capturing the whole world of the artist and bring the story full circle.

VOX365NZ also seeks to be the first New Zealand film making process to use cutting edge technology In addition to standard film making techniques we are incorporating the use of a fully immersive augmented reality 360 camera, which gives the viewer greater freedom to explore the world of the artist and their life.

Each VOX365NZ artist documentary will serve as the centre for an international digital hub for that artist to connect them to the world, creating or enhancing an international profile and exponentially expanding access to that artist’s creative work, process and life. Our projected international audience for the project within the first year is 7 million worldwide, growing in perpetuity for the online life of the project.


Art and culture challenge thought and feeling. They create the desire for an extended life, and the capacity to think beyond what is to what is possible.

“As I see it, the arts are important in fleshing out the New Zealand persona as food for the soul. It can be literature, can be music, can be the beauty of the visual arts, the cultural expression of many ethnicities, so it adds to the richness of society.”
(Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme and Former Prime Minister of New Zealand).

VOX365NZ presents a unique opportunity to New Zealand businesses, particularly those with global interest, who seek to expand and expose their support of New Zealand culture and arts to the world. Artist Ambassadors will be aligned, immersed and integrated with an individual artists specific digital hub, and we can work on a one on one basis with the project creators to tailor cross platform and project support and a unified relationship.

For each Artist Ambassador we guarantee a strong visual presence on the VOX365NZ Artist page and Art Ambassadors page.

VOX365NZ Sponsors and Partners


We have worked extremely hard to create immense value for an extraordinarily low cost to our ambassadors. If broken down to an artist by artist basis – the full costs to filming and postproduction, application development, web design & development, web hosting, ongoing content generation and international promotion (including advertising on various international online platforms and culture/art portals) within the first year is $1,500 per artist.

The support an Ambassador provides is entirely philanthropic, and would be provided as a tax deductable charitable donation to The Wallace Arts Trust and it will be allocated to and administered for the express purpose of realising VOX365NZ.

The more artists an Ambassador supports, the more opportunities a diverse and strategic integration of cross platform identity sharing.

We will maintain an strong ongoing and personal relationship with our Artist Ambassadors to make it an evolving and continually fruitful relationship.


  • Information about the Ambassador
  • Website linking to a business or personal page
  • Video linking
  • Ambassador Video specifically created by the VOX365NZ team (the video aligns philosophies of the ambassador and the VOX365NZproject/artist)
  • Linking to additional Ambassador content (optional)
  • An ongoing relationship with the supported artist/artists
  • Crediting the Ambasador in an additional Feature Film documentary which will be screened at various international Film Festivals

We welcome the opportunity for feedback and dialogue in developing our ongoing relationship. Please feel free to contact us.

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